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The Transcended Ones

Since ancient times, rank has always been a matter of great concern to kami.

Much as humans require food for sustenance, so too do kami require aura.

A kami must always have aura—must always be known to and thought of by all—lest it quickly lose its power and, eventually, disappear.

Prayer comes in many forms, be it reverence or fear, but a kami can only be a kami so long as it has the prayers of others.

The steady flow of such prayers, over the course of many, many years, coalesces into a history of that being.

That is what sustains the kami, and what the kami named “aura.”

The kami strove to attain even greater glory and renown, in order to gain even more of the aura that sustains them.

So that they would not be forgotten and disappear. So that they could live on.

For in this fleeting world, nothing is permanent, not even a kami.

To a kami, “fame” is synonymous with “survival.”

Which is why kami engage in Contests of Strength amongst themselves, to proclaim their existences to the world.

To prove to this world that they are worthy of note, worthy of being celebrated.

Which is why… since ancient times, rank has been a matter of great concern to kami.

Since time immemorial, kami have battled each other to determine their rank, in the unbroken tradition of Contests of Strength.

Indeed, two kami convene again today on the ancient battleground, to vie for dominance.


Translation: lyger
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