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The greatest city in all of Yamato, a place of splendor that bustles with a multitude of humans.

Curiously, the cherry trees here bloom all year round, making the city a place of refined beauty, where one can admire the cherry blossoms against the backdrop of all four seasons.

At the end of the main road that runs through the center of Miyako sits a vast and imposing grand shrine dedicated to an ookami.

At the innermost part of the shrine stands a sacred tree that reaches high into the sky. From afar, it looks like a tower. Indeed, according to some legends, that’s exactly what it is—a tower erected by the ancient kami. However, no human knows how long it has been standing there or why it is so big.

Places where many humans reside, such as Miyako, tend to attract stigma, which possesses humans and drives them to commit evil deeds. Cleansing stigma is one of the most important duties of kami.

The resident kami of the Shirakami Shrine finds herself constantly summoned to Miyako and tasked, day and night, with the cleansing of stigma. It is thanks to the efforts of her and her companions that the peace of the humans living in the city is maintained.


Translation: IAmVisco
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