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Shirakami Shrine

Shirakami Shrine
A place that has watched over the lives of the humans of Yamato since the ancient past.

The Shirakami Shrine sits among the mountains not far from Miyako. A massive, imposing gate greets all who visit the shrine, indicators of the faithful masses who once worshipped here. Alas, the path that stretches past that gate is so long and arduous that even the locals balk at traveling it, and these days worshippers are rare. Currently, a certain kami has taken up residence there and named herself acting priestess.

Shirakami Shrine: Sanctuary
Endless sky, as far as the eye can see. Even the spectacular vista from the sanctuary, built high in the tree canopy, becomes routine after a while. The shrine’s enormous sacred tree stands at the peak of Shirakami Mountain. High in its branches, which stretch above the clouds, the Shirakami Shrine’s sanctuary is built. Here, where no human will ever set foot, she lives with the familiars that serve her and the wild beasts of the mountain.

When she is not engaged in her duties, her favorite way to unwind is to amuse herself with curios that have drifted here from Utsushiyo, or peruse the publications known as “manga.” On occasion, when a friend comes to visit her, they may even engage in “games of the video.”


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