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Contest of Strength at Senjogahara

“So Fubuki, what rules are we going by today?”

“Uh, well it all started last week when we reached a stalemate in S**** Bros. and decided to settle it IRL… So how about, first person to send the other one hurtling over the mountains wins?”

“Hmm, okay. What about time limit and weapons? I’m fine with or without either.”

“How about weapons allowed, no time limit?”

“Sounds good to me. Next question… What’s the current score?”

“No clue. You know, I haven’t really been keeping track of our wins and losses lately. Actually, how many times have we had this conversation?”

“Well, never mind the details. Loser owes the winner dinner for life!”

“Fox’s delight udon!” “Chicken tail special!”


“Then let’s get to it. By the end, we’ll have a winner…”

“As clear as black and white!”


Translation: lyger
Translation Check, Editing: fts