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Just Another Day at Mizore’s Kitchen

“…and that’s the gist of what happened.

“Well, in the end, it turned out half of it was a misunderstanding… *slurp*
“But boy, that misunderstanding got us into a doozy of a brawl, and that was just the start of it… *gulp*”

“Did no one ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full? Here’s your order. One bowl of fox’s delight udon.”

The eatery’s namesake set down the umpteenth bowl of fox’s delight udon before Fubuki, who continued to recount the story of the events that had just transpired.

After a sleepless night, she and her black-haired companion, who had been swept into joining her on her mission, were rewarding themselves with lunch at their usual haunt.

“Fubuki-nee, why do you always order fox’s delight udon?”
“Why? Because I’m a fox, of course! Kon-kon!”
“Really? You’re sure you’re not a cat?”
“I’m a fox!”
“You two never get tired of that routine, do you? Either way, why don’t you try the house specialty for once? Our beef and egg over rice lives up to its reputation. I only use the best eggs, specially bred for tastiness.”
“You heard her, Mio. Why don’t you try it out? Wait, eggs? Breeding? Ooh, I’m getting flashbacks…”
“I’m a simple girl. I want meat. Another chicken tail special, please!”
“Oh! Another bowl of fox’s delight udon for me, too!”
“Just how much do you two plan on eating?”


Translation: lyger
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