The Future of hololive Alternative


Hello, everyone. I’m Producer U.
As our first news article, I’d like to provide some insight into our planned release roadmap for the hololive Alternative project.


▶︎ The metaverse project “Holoearth”

・News article outlining the overall project (released simultaneously with this article)
・Videos of talents playing a prototype of the game (November)


▶︎ Twitter manga

・”Yamato Phantasia” chapter 1 (October)
・”Underworld Academy Overload” chapter 1 (between this fall and early next year)


▶︎ World lore archive “Holonometria”

・Additional content to come


▶︎ Other

・hololive Alternative animated PV 1 theme song “Dawn Blue” disc release (this winter)
・Animated PV 2 (spring 2022)
・Even more information to be announced (remainder of 2021 through start of 2022)


We will be providing more details about each of the above projects individually. In addition, there is even more information that is still under wraps, but which we hope to reveal through the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Keep an eye out for it!
We hope you’ll continue to support hololive Alternative.